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5. You can now spy on Android from your computer or phone discreetly.
  1. Get the best Android spy without access to target phone
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  3. Can I spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?
  4. How to Spy on a Cell Phone without Accessing the Target Phone?

Data logs — all reporting — is sent from the target phone via a web connection. No internet connection means no monitoring. So your ten year old Nokia brick will be safe from spy software! The second thing you need is a phone which is supported by the software program you plan to use.

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I go into lots more detail in this article about Phone Compatibility. This type of software will work in ANY country with any service provider — wherever you can get an internet connection. The most important thing is to make sure the spy software supports the target phone Operating System. If this sounds strange to you — go check out that article! Getting this part clear in your head will help you understand why certain requirements are important for the software to work well.

They say an image can tell a thousand words so take a look at the picture below. You can read this article to find out more details. I love this one — I keep getting asked how you can install spy software without having access to the target phone. The confusion comes from some software products online claiming that this is possible.

Trust me on this one, they are all scams and will not work as they describe. You can read a great article about remote install spy software at SpyzRus. If you buy one of these programs you will lose your money and have a useless product. The only way to monitor a cell phone is by physically installing spy software onto the target phone — you need to have access to the target phone for at least a few minutes.

If the phone is password protected you will also need to get past that to install the software.

Get the best Android spy without access to target phone

There are ways to bypass passwords on most devices — Google is your friend …. Remember the legal requirements still apply! I have tested this No Jailbreak Version from mSpy and it works very well giving a very useful alternative to their main iPhone spy software. I go into more details in my main mSpy Review.

Can You Spy on a Cell Phone without Having Access to the Phone? | SpyEngage

Now get this straight, it is not regular cell phone spy software — it is not installed on any phone, and is in fact a computer software program which runs on Windows hence no Jailbreaking. It is a good example of how this market is changing quickly with new products and new ways of monitoring — who knows where we will be in another five years!

So we are moving on — you know a bit about how it all works, what it can do and the type of phones we can monitor. If you are starting from scratch, with no knowledge, this is the most difficult part — but you have this guide to help you!

SMS tracker without phone access - Do you want to spy on text messages without accessing the phone?

People get obsessed about which is the best cell phone spy software. Everyone will form their own opinions on this but the important thing is to find the best one for your needs. There are no shortcuts here; you need to look at the programs in a little more detail. To help I have written some in depth reviews of the best ones. Using these reviews will help you to identify which ones meet your requirements. This is by no means a definitive list — other programs are available.

These are the cell phone spy programs that I have tried and tested and am happy to recommend. With recent changes in the software market you only really have a few reliable options from trusted companies — mSpy, Flexispy and Mobistealth. No doubt some new players will enter the market — but beware of scams! I have made detailed reviews of these spy phone apps going into a lot of detail — these are constantly updated to keep up with the changes. This part is really important as most problems will arise from the software not being installed properly.

Sounds easy — and in most cases it is. You must follow any specific directions from the spy software company to the letter.

Can I spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?

They will root or jailbreak your target device and install and set up your spy app. Spy software is a technical product and things can go wrong — people do have problems from time to time. If you buy a poor quality software program, the problems will never be resolved.

Here are 6 free cell phone spy without access to the target phone

If you stick to the recommended spy apps you will at least have some back up when things do not work as expected. Consider the technology at work and understand that you will have down time at some point. The best programs work hard to minimize any missed reports but if your connection lets you down you may encounter some breaks in reporting. I continually monitor the programs which I recommend and part of my reason for a recommendation is service reliability. The best apps are very well hidden and are almost never found.

How to Detect Spy Software — I have written this guide for people who are worried they might be monitored. It outlines some possible ways to tell if your phone has a spy app installed. Older and poor quality apps can easily be detected — making it more important to chose your product carefully. I also have a guide on How to Remove Spy Apps — check it out.

If you do encounter problems with your spy software it is good to know you can get some help and support from the software providers. Some are better at providing this support than others and in my opinion they could all do with some improvements in this area. They will all help but the speed of reply can sometimes be too slow.

I have found a few ways to get better support service. Apart from sometimes being slow to respond, I have received some good help from support staff. The good companies want to provide help — they want you to keep using their software. Always bear that in mind. I will keep this article updated as new programs or new monitoring features are released. This is a fast moving market and the technology is continually developing so be sure to bookmark this page and come back. There are comment sections below each article and they are totally anonymous — your email will never be printed.

The comments sections in this site have grown over the last few years providing lots of useful tips and answers to questions all about cell phone spy apps — I advise reading through them — find some gems! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Tweet Share Pin. Cell Phone Spy Software — the Complete Guide I have created this cell phone spy software guide to help you save two things, time and money.

I try to cover everything you will need to get started with the latest cell phone spy apps. Table of Contents 0. There are lots of different programs available across the web but very few reliable spy apps that actually deliver on their promises. There is a good reason for this website only recommending a small number!!! There are a lot of scams around and you really need to be careful what you buy. You have to be careful not to believe those companies claiming that their products offer this kind of feature.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone without Accessing the Target Phone?

Once you have successfully installed the spy app on the phone you wish to monitor, the app will start to capture certain information from the target phone and send it to either your own mobile phone or to a secure web account. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your account and see the information from the target phone. Almost all spy apps will allow you to see the messages sent to and from the target phone. Plus, there is a way for you to know the internet activity of the person using the target phone.

All this information can be in your hands using a cell phone spy tracker. Auto Forward is one of the most trusted names in the industry. It comes with numerous tracking features and is very easy to install. Tags how do you spy on a cell phone. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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